Story Behind RIGDAM Healthy Snacks

Children love snacks & persuading them to eat nutritious snacks is a challenge for the parents. As a health freak mothers, We struggled hard to find or cook healthy snacks everyday amidst our busy schedules. This eventually sparked the idea of ready-to-eat RIGDAM healthy snacks.

All of us have a weakness for snacks……. but are we not worried about the nutrition in it??

What We Offer

RIGDAM snacks offer ready-to-eat affordable tasty and healthy snacks made from superfoods like millet so that your entire family can indulge in guilt-free snacking anytime anywhere.

Our snacks have no artificial colour, flavour or taste enhancer but are topped with love. RIGDAM snacks are not diet food, but they are always made entirely from healthy, clean and nutritious ingredients. And they are better than anything you can buy at the store. We inspire you to enjoy healthy snacking.

Creating Impacts

Our products are made of MILLETS. As millet doesn't consume much water and time to be produced in comparison to other crops, it is economical to grow, environment-friendly and guarantees a quick return of investment for the farmers. Eating RIGDAM snacks make you feel proud to be a responsible and sustainable consumer.

All these years We could kickstart our ambition to touch the lives of more than 18,000 beneficiaries (Children (1-5 yrs.), Pregnant Women, Lactating women), trained more than 30 interns & women. Served free snacks to more than 7000 needy people during the current pandemic.

And continuing our efforts to make our journey successful adding social value alongwith……….




"The tasty healthy RIGDAM choco balls are an amalgamation of millet & chocolate which is a unique product.... These are must try for chocolate lovers.....I am a regular customer and I prefer only these chocolates for gifting as well as for personal use. U will be able to feel the real authentic taste once you have it. All the very best Rigdam !!!!Keep spreading sweetness.... ."

Shilya Varma

"RIGDAM Crispys are Tasty & Nutritious ! You eat it, You will like it! I wish more such products come in the market. Millets are nutritious, eco-friendly & economical for farmers to grow. Students, parents & the management are too happy with the RIGDAM Snack Vending machine at our school premise."

Ranjtha Rao

Director, The Global Edge Schools